Sand Casting China

Sand casting China is an art dating back to ancient times. Since we began sand casting in 1932, we feel that we have perfected this art. Our green sand foundry can produce aluminum castings weighing ounces to several hundred pounds in a variety of alloys. We use several methods to produce sand castings:

  • Bench squeeze molding machines
  • Osborne Machine
  • Rollover cope and drag machines
  • Automatic Hunter 20 molding machine
  • Dry sand assembly

  • CO2 core making
  • Shell core making

The flexibility these methods give us is apparent because we can provide customers anywhere from one piece to thousands, depending on their requirements. We also pride ourselves on choosing the right application for the customers needs by working closely with the customer and suggesting the proper tooling and alloy. We pour most of the common aluminum alloys and will pour rare alloys if requested. Major markets we serve are the aerospace, machine tools, medical, food-processing and pump industries.

As in days long ago, sand casting is still metal being poured into a sand mold. Using the latest equipment and techniques along with an innate feel for producing an aluminum casting, makes us stand out above the rest.

Aluminum sand castomg  alloys at Peerless