Aluminum Die castings

CL TECH  supply a variety of strain and suspension clamps in aluminum casting parts and ductile or malleable iron to meet almost all distribution and transmission application.

High strength, heat-treated, A356 aluminium die casting alloy is used for clamp bodies & keepers. Production of most T&D; aluminum castings uses permanent molding process by heavy steel molds. Surfaces of the molds used are highly finished and the casting produced are distinguished by their fine, satin-smooth surface texture.

sOur hardware are cast in malleable or ductile iron, grade 604512. This metal possesses a long heritage of characteristics which have proved to be the most valuable in power line construction. The material has high ductility, excellent strength and consistency. The ductile or malleable iron can be bent, stretched, and severely distorted before failure of the metal occurs.

Bolted Dead End ClampsClevis Thimble
Parallel Groove ClampsStrateline Clamps
Strain ClampsSuspension Clamps
Socket EyesSocket Y-Clevises
Clevis EyesTwineyenuts
Oval EyenutsStraight Thimbleyelets
ThimbleyenutsAngle Thimbleyelets
Straight Eyelets

Miscellaneous Ductile or malleable Iron die Castings made to Customers’ drawings.

Maching parts

Per our “state of the art” full in-house CNC automatic machine & machinery center, we have been supplying the diversified machine parts for Specific Manufacturing Equipment, Machinery Rebuilding & Repairing Services & are known as a leader in production of custom precision machine parts since our establishment. Our facility is modern & well equipped & we take a great pride in quality workmanship, punctual delivery & customer satisfactions. We offer a full range of CNC machining and can solve your problems with expert machine tool services, rebuilding & special design solutions. It allows us not only to manufacture most of the custom machine parts under one roof, but also offer you a substantial savings on production and increase your capability by supplying you quality machine parts requirements.

Upset Forged Steel Fasteners

A major part of T&D;’s hardware are forged from high strength steel of no welded joints. This high-tensile and yield strength without any special heat treatment. It also has excellent ductility and toughness even under low temperature. Extensive testing and inspection of all component parts is carried on throughout the entire production process to assure all specifications are met or surpassed.

Anchor ShacklesBall Clevises
Ball EyesBall Hooks
Ball Y ClevisesChain Links
Chain ShacklesTwisted Shackles
Figure 8 Links

Protective Coating

  • Ductile or Malleable Iron and Steel Hardware are finished by a heavy coating of hot dip galvanizing to ASTM A-153 or BS-729.
  • Nuts are dipped in oxide-resistant grease. This material provides additional protection to assure clean threads, and acts as a lubricant to get a good reading of torque when tightening the nut.
  • Mechanical Zinc Deposited, Electroplating, Artificial Polishing upon request.

The products of CL TECH. are made in conformance with the latest applicable specifications of the following standards publishing organizations:

AISIAmerican Iron and Steel Institute
ANSIAmerican National Standards Institute
ASTMAmerican Society for Testing Material
BSBritish Standards Institution
CSACanadian Standards Association
DINDeutsche Industrie Normen
IEEEThe Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
ISOInternational Organization for Standards
JISJapanese Industrial Standards
NEMANational Electrical Manufacturers Association
REARural Electrification Administration

CL TECH’s products are packaged in durable cartons and palletized. To easy handling, standard packages are kept under 50 lbs. Several number of cartons are palletized and kept weight under 2,500 lbs. Each carton is clearly labeled with product catalog number, description, quantity and weight. Your special packaging requirements should be indicated when request for quotation is made and when placing orders.

Matal Parts

All metal pressed parts of any shapes in steel, stainless die casting or non-ferrous metals made by
CL’s Hardware for electric utility and other industries demonstrated a high degree of reliability under exceptional conditions. All stampings are made of high grade materials to required specifications. Our metal stampings are created through the use of progressive dies, modular tooling design, high speed presses and, most importantly, quality assurance.