PC Board contract manufacturing Services

Sincere Tech, offer plastic mold manufacturing, contract manufacturing China service, Rapid Prototyping Services maintains facilities, processes, and tools consistent with best-in-class suppliers world-wide. We manufacture both conventional and HDI (High Density Interconnect) boards. Our focus is on very fast turn-around for small quantities of boards – a few to a few hundred. Our goal is to be cost-competitive while providing shorter lead-times than any other source.
Our Plantation, Florida facility covers over 13,000 square feet and includes all of the processes and equipment needed to support our operations. This includes a class 10,000 clean room for our photolithography processes and dedicated water purification and wastewater treatment facilities.


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Printed Circuit Board Capabilities
• Max board size: 250mm x 400mm
Data Formats Supported
• ODB++, Gerber 274X, 274D, DXF

Construction Types
• Up to 16 layers
• 1 to 3 HDI layers per side

Substrate Materials Stocked
• Standard and halogen-free FR4
• Mid and high Tg materials
• High frequency laminates
• Other materials as requested

Minimum Design Rules
• line / space: 75 µm / 75 µm

• laser via 0.100 mm/ 0.2 5mm
• drilled via: 0.25 mm / 0.45 mm

Electrical Test
• Full electrical test is run on all boards
• Opens and Shorts tested per net list

Board Singulation Options
• CNC Routing
• Scoring / V-Cut
• Laser Cutting (Flex Circuits)

Cycle Times
• Conventional Boards: 2 Days
• Single HDI Layer: 2-3 Days
• 2-3 HDI layers: 5-6 Days
Printed Circuit Board Materials

Customer Applications

Customers use our PC boards in a wide range of products, and at many stages in their product development process. Applications range from system boards and transceiver boards to application and daughter boards. Some of our simpler products include boards for keypads or connectors, or static flex circuits. At different development stages, customers will ask us for anything from breadboards to test basic concepts and evaluate chip sets, all the way to boards with the final production design requirements and even boards for use in product test fixtures. Our ability to produce boards with high layer counts, multiple layers of HDI, and accuracy compatible with 0.4 mm BGAs and 0201 components makes us a good source for prototyping even the most complex board designs.
Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Our dedicated staff of 30 engineers and technicians completes over 1,500 customer orders annually, achieving 97% on-time delivery to aggressive schedules and 99% top-2-box satisfaction to highly discriminating customers. All of our work is planned, scheduled, and tracked through our common Job Management System, custom designed for our operations and our goal of achieving rapid cycle times. Our dedicated engineering staff has extensive knowledge and experience in plating, etching, and photo lithographic processes.
Focused on the Future
Sincere Tech has a solid track record of adopting and successfully implementing new technologies. Our ongoing investments in people, software, process, and test equipment demonstrate our commitment to be a world-class supplier and ensure that we remain a competitive edge for our customers.

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