Radiator housing and Radiator bottom process

Drawing process (grinding)

Drawing process is to use a most bottom process. Drawing use some surface roughness and hardness has certain tools, common such as abrasive paper, file, etc, to deal with the object surface unidirectional, repeated or rotating friction, with the aid of the tool rough surface friction of scissors cutting effect to remove processing surface bulge objects; Of course, rubdown bulge content at the same time also on the original flat surface cause scratches. So should adopt from coarse to fine gradual process, and gradually reduce processing surface rough degree.Aluminum die casting

Drawing process features: a parallel grinding crack

Disk milling process (cutting)

Disk milling process is to point to will radiator bottom fixed after the high speed rotating tool cutting radiator surface, tool always in the same plane internal rotation, so cut out of the bottom very flat. And the same drawing technology, dish milling process of the tools being used more fine, cutting the bottom level of the higher level. Disk milling process of manufacturing cost is higher, but relative drawing only need two or three processes, more efficient, and the effect is ideal.

Disk milling process features: of arc grinding crack

CNC machine tool

For the Radiator housing or pther type of aluminum die casting parts, When we got die casting parts by high pressure die casting process. CNC machine tool applied to radiator of the bottom level processing mainly USES the technology is still milling. But with the traditional dish milling is different, CNC milling machine tool can through the single chip microcomputer accurate control and radiator of the relative distance between. Cutter contact fin base, both horizontal direction relative motion, then to the traditional dish milling cutter in the void left untreated cutting part, and to achieve complete plane effect, no any subsequent treatment can obtain mirror the general effect, roughness can be less than 0.001 mm.aluminium die casting

Other processes

For aluminium die casting, magnesiumd die casting, and zinc die casting parts. In addition to the above several outside, still have other radiator bottom processing technology, such as polishing, alodizing, powder coating, painting, however, relatively speaking, polishing processing are more beautiful considerations of radiator, radiator bottom flatness without too much improved, and the treatment cost is higher.

As we’ve mentioned, radiator bottom no matter how to deal with this kind of mechanical process could not make totally standard flat surface, the CPU and radiator between ravine or void is always inevitable. In these the air gap on the radiator of the conduction ability has a lot of influence, well known, air thermal resistance is very high, so must with other material to reduce the thermal resistance, or radiator of conduction performance will sell at a discount greatly, even can’t play a role. This is the origin of the heat conduction medium. Its role is to fill heat source such as CPU and the radiator greatly small gap, increases the heat sources and heat radiator contact area.