Aluminum Casting Foundry Crafts

In the casting method, Aluminum Castings, and other non-ferrous alloys in addition to using sand casting, but also extensive use of metal casting, centrifugal casting, low pressure casting and casting and other specialty graphite casting method.
By reference to a large number of patent documents on Aluminum Casting process technology advances to do a systematic description, through detailed investigation and authoritative technical information and related intelligence gathering, providing customers with Aluminum Die Casting Products core technology application, technology development, process equipment, facilities, many high-end information technology applications for enterprises to understand the various types of Aluminum Casting and the development of production technology is very useful.
Aluminium Casting Special Processing
To meet the national economy and high demand on the multi-copper, special processing techniques have been developed, mainly include: high-precision Copper Strip, ultra-thin copper foil, enhanced internal oxidation particles, a variety of metals, laser surface hardening, semi-solid forming, shaped casting, particles enhanced particle control, are highlighted as follows:
1. Precision Copper Strip
Shaped frame with high accuracy transistor type copper, phosphorus and silver generally high strength and high conductivity alloy, thin section from the side edges and composed of thick, thick edge was 1.27 mm and 0.38 mm for the Needle Valve thin side, bandwidth 68 mm, length greater than 200 meters, triple types of production methods, which pass rolling, milling chips, high-speed production of profiled forging billets, and then by high-precision rolling, the key is precision rolling technology, the need to ensure that even the thick and thin side extension coefficient equal to, or shaped with a plate can not meet user needs.

2. Within the oxygen-free copper oxide dispersion strengthened
Vacuum device required oxygen-free copper, hydrogen gas welding in the 930 ℃ without distortion, using the method of alloying is difficult to achieve, at home and abroad using the oxide particle dispersion strengthening method, commonly used oxide particles AL2O3.

In the copper alloy casting, metal casting methods to accelerate the solidification of castings to improve quality and reduce casting defects, has an important role. Metal casting can be broken grains, reduce porosity, improve the alloy’s mechanical properties and gas tightness, high lead content in lead bronze alloy of copper, metal casting, to prevent the segregation of copper components. Also, because copper alloy castings, cylinder components, and other more, so more by centrifugal casting method. In addition, large Aluminium Die Casting Coach Bags low pressure casting method can be used to improve the alloy density, and reduce the casting in the casting process produces inclusions. Some of the copper alloy pressure casting method can be used.