In the past 20 years, the annual output of Chinese cast iron valves and pipefitting has declined to1, 200,000 tons from 18,000,000 tons, the average rate of descent is about 20%. According to related data, the application domain of cast iron can be approximately divided into eight aspects: wastewater water pipe, building water pipe, building drainage pipe, underground drainage pipe, gas transmission pipe, electrical bushing, agricultural pipe and industrial pipe. Among them, the development of building water pipe and building drainage pipe is the fastest, followed by housing and agricultural pipes, the underground carriage bolt drainage pipe and gas transmission pipe development has great gaps compared with foreign countries. In recent years, the production capacity of cast iron and pipefittings has decreased slightly, but it is still unbalanced. The majority of manufacturers of cast iron and pipe fittings are small plastic valve enterprises, large and medium-sized enterprises are very little.

In addition, at present China PVC fitting still doesn’t have the comparatively unified and perfect technology and quality standard for cast iron hex flange bolt pipe. Just for this reason, up to now neither the variety nor quality of die casting iron pipe products can be satisfactory, especially cast iron valves, because the blow molding machine production difficulty is relatively high, but its price is close to cast iron, which further seems it cannot satisfy demands in many fields.

The demands of cast iron valve products for the market are mainly from two aspects: first, to be used with cast iron pipes together; second, the usability, durability, fatigue resistance and corrosion gsm Antenna resistance of cast iron valve are not ideal, but it also has special advantages such as lightweight, high processing efficiency and so on. In foreign countries, the cast iron valves have been widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, indoor and outdoor water supply and drainage, electrical Wifi Antenna products, agriculture and other fields. It can be expected that the cast iron valve products with high quality, high performance and high price have huge potential in the domestic market, they are still good products to participate in the international market competition even after China entering into WTO.

As for customers different demands, enterprises should draft comprehensive solution program, when supply convenience for cone crusher customer it will also make the best of the scale advantage of crosswise integration, let more products share of intangible assets and expand the impact crusher enterprises reputation, which in order to form barriers for new enterprises entering the industry, reduce the competition pressure and get more profit space; through diversified management, especially the horizontal and vertical mergers, it will decrease competitors, increase market share and improve the monopoly of market for enterprises to obtain synergistic effect.