Sincere Tech has its own dedicated staff and facilities for plastic mold designing, engineering, manufacturing, and running injection, compression, and casting molds. We maintain the same capabilities of a production tooling or molding shop, targeted at making single-cavity proto mold for small to medium-sized parts from Aluminum and Pre-hard Steel.

As with most of our services, our greatest value to our customers is the short cycle time we offer on both tooling and molding. The majority of our tools are constructed as master unit die insert sets that can be run in the appropriate sized MUD frame on any molding press. For very small tools, we use our own custom insert system that minimizes machining tasks, resulting in very short turn-around times. For larger tools, we typically use custom mold sets from one of the major supply houses.

Our 15 molding presses range from 80 to 1600 tons, and are customized for smaller shot sizes. This allows us to produce short runs of parts from prototype tools without the barrel residence-time issues that result from running prototype tools on some production machines. Our customized die frames and adapters also enable us to change molds quickly and easily. All of our presses are also equipped with hot runner controls as well as high performance mold temperature controllers, and each has a dedicated drier bank with up to six independent material hoppers – enabling us to sample multiple materials with very little change-over time.

plastic mold

Our plastic mold designs are created in several CAD programs, including Pro/Mold Design, iDEAS, and Cimatron. Designs are based on our customer’s 3-D CAD data with gate and runner recommendations per the material suppliers’ recommendations, or established based on Moldflow Simulation. Direct milling of mold cavities and cores is performed on a Makino V33 with a 40-tool changer. Electrode milling is performed on a dedicated Roku-Roku with a 3-R Quad, or on a Makino SNC64 with dual 3-R Quads, giving us the ability to make up to 12 electrodes at a time between the two machines.

Two Fanuc wire EDMs give us significant flexibility in wiring inserts, lifters, gates, and parting lines. We have four die-sinking EDM machines – including machines by Makino and Charmilles that are equipped with both polishing fluid and extensive electrode magazines with robotics. These give us an effective combination of speed and capacity.

We can build anything from simple open and shut tools to complex insert molds and tools with complex motions, gating and ejection. For more complex tools, based on customer needs (speed, cost, quantity requirements) we can produce fully automated, semi-automatic, or manually run tooling. We also do a fair amount of insert molding – over both plastic and metal parts.

Depending on size, complexity, shop loading, and the need for any custom mold components, most of the injection or compression molds we produce are built in anywhere from one to twenty-five working days.

Customer Data Requirements

•  3-D CAD data in portable format (iges, stl, step, vdi) or in Pro/E, iDEAS, Mastercam or Cimatron

•  Detailed surface finish specifications

•  Draft restrictions

•  Plastic material Selection

•  Part quantity requirements

Process, Process, Process

We are a very process-oriented business. Our plastic mold manufacturing operation is run by a Six Sigma Black Belt with a eye towards continuously improving materials, processes, and equipment. Our mold design and engineering activities are geared toward choosing the best accelerated path to achieving the customer’s requirements.

To keep our mold process fast and flexible, we use a combination of software tools for mold design, electrode design, mold simulation, and mold programming. We also come up with a strategy for each part that we tool based on our plastics knowledge and the customer’s complete inputs. This strategy will drive the mold design, build and molding process to achieve the best possible result.

Material Range

We are able to mold both filled and unfilled thermoplastics, and maintain a sampling inventory of many engineering materials, including nylon, polycarbonate, ABS, and blended materials. We have standing accounts with most major suppliers, and can obtain other materials usually in 1-3 days. We maintain a range of thermoset silicones, and can perform casting, compression molding, of liquid silicone injection molding. Casting and compression molding tools are run on a dedicated Carver vertical press with semi-automatic controls.

Additional Services

Post-molding operations can include de-gating, machining, painting, inserting, sub-assembly or other activities. Parts can also receive special operations at one of our outsourcing suppliers, ranging from plating to pad-printing. Parts can be express shipped to customer or supplier locations worldwide.

At Sincere Tech China mold maker, our unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of the plastic mold industry drives us to embrace advancements and anticipate future trends. We continuously explore innovative materials and composites that offer enhanced performance and promote sustainability. By investing in ongoing research and development, we consistently deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our valued customers. As a trusted injection mold supplier in China, we take pride in our unwavering dedication to excellence.

Aligned with our sustainability goals, we place a high priority on environmentally friendly practices. We actively seek out sustainable alternatives, such as biodegradable polymers, and implement recycling initiatives to minimize the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes. By choosing our custom injection molding services, you can align your brand with sustainable manufacturing practices and contribute to a greener future.

Ensuring quality is our topmost priority, and we maintain rigorous quality control measures throughout the entire manufacturing process. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and staffed by skilled technicians, we subject each product to thorough inspection and testing. This guarantees exceptional performance, reliability, and customer satisfaction.

When you choose Sincere Tech as your preferred plastic mold maker in China, you can expect the highest level of professionalism, expertise, and innovation. Our dedicated team is committed to helping you bring your ideas to life, delivering superior products that excel in performance, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Partner with Sincere Tech today and experience our relentless pursuit of excellence, as we work together to bring your vision to reality.

Our expanded capabilities include:

  1. Rapid Prototyping: We offer rapid prototyping services to quickly transform your concepts into tangible prototypes, allowing for iterative design improvements and accelerated product development.
  2. Precision Tooling: Our advanced tooling capabilities enable us to create high-quality molds with tight tolerances, ensuring consistency and precision in your injection-molded products.
  3. Overmolding: We specialize in overmolding, which allows for the combination of multiple materials or components, resulting in enhanced functionality, aesthetics, and durability.
  4. Insert Molding: Our expertise in insert molding enables us to securely encapsulate inserts within the molded parts, facilitating efficient assembly and enhancing product performance.
  5. Two-Shot Molding: With two-shot molding, we can produce complex, multi-material components in a single operation, reducing assembly requirements and enhancing design possibilities.
  6. Value-Added Services: In addition to injection molding, we offer a range of value-added services, including product assembly, packaging, and logistics support, streamlining your supply chain and reducing costs.

Partner with Sincere Tech Mould suppliers for your custom injection molding needs, and benefit from our comprehensive capabilities, unwavering commitment to quality and sustainability, and our drive to exceed your expectations at every step of the process. Together, let’s bring your innovative ideas to life.