Die Casting Manufacturer for Aluminium, Zinc, Magnesium

The die casting is manufacturing process of casting accurately dimensioned, sharply defined, smooth or textured surface of metal parts, it is used to provide a beautiful finish to the different types of metal parts. Most die castings are made from non-ferrous metals, especially zinc, aluminum, magnesium, lead, pewter and tin-based alloys, depending upon the type of material being cast, a hot or cold chamber machine is used there are various type of die casting is done according to user’s requirements and the metal parts are designed in a well stylish way with a smooth finish.

The different types of casting include aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, magnesium die casting and so on, all of those type of die casting we called high pressure die casting, means use high pressure to inject the lquid material into the mold and getting cold and get the part which is according to our diesgn.

Aluminum die casting

The type of casting used to cast lightweight metal. In aluminum die casting, different types of aluminum is sued, and it is provided more protection to the metals to be casted with aluminum, it provides high dimensional stability for complex shapes and thin walls. It has good corrosion resistance. Include better mechanical properties. It has high thermal and electrical conductivity. And it can retain strength at high temperature.

Magnesium die casting.

Magnesium die casting is easiest metal to machine. It has the reputation for flammability. And its melting point is 600 degree centigrade. It uses powder coating, wet painting, hard anodizing and same plating materials for finishing.

It is the lightest alloy commonly used for die casting, it can be considered as the excellent strength weigh metal cater. But has a low corrosion resistance, which makes it less efficient

Zinc die casting

It is an ideal metal for casting. It is used to cast complex shapes easily, used in the creation of very thin walls. That are strong nonetheless. It can provide and attractive finish to your metal products at a low cost. It has outstanding corrosion resistance and increases the life of metal. It has the highest ductility. Provides benefits like high impact strength.

Can be easily plated, promises long mold life. Economical for small die parts.

Why we need die casting parts?

When we want to provide a better look to our metal parts then die casting is a process that can do this for us. For improving the quality and smoothly of metal machine parts we require the die casting

Advantages of die casting

These are the reasons that tell us that hoe much die casting is useful for us.

Provide excellent dimension accuracy faster production rates smooth cat surface, thinner walls can be cast.

Reduce of eliminate secondary machine operations. The casting of low fluidity metal can also be done easily