CengLong Tech. Was established in 2007, the company is located in Dong Guan city, China where closed to Shenzhen &Hong Kong city, is a Aluminum Casing China factory,The company is engaged in all kinds of aluminum casting, Die casting, zinc die casting, plastic casting, magnesium die casting, manufacturing and product production, precision processing and LED lighting lamps and lanterns aluminum radiator research and development, production

The company using CAD/CAM/CAE advanced process design, large and medium-sized CNC processing center and all kinds of advanced CNC spark machine manufacturing. Now we have advanced Magnesium & aluminium Die casting Machines from  200 Ton, 280 T, 380Ton,420 T, 650T, 800Ton, 1250Ton 2000 Ton; Have Zinc Die Casting Machines from 60Ton, 88Ton, 120Ton.  CNC processing center, precision CNC lathes, can produce processing of all kinds of LED lighting lamps shell, automobile and motorcycle, electric tools, such as motor series, die casting products

The company combined with mold and die casting technology advantage, in 2008 the development of LED aluminum radiator shell, after four years of hard work, the product sells in distant markets the European and American countries, at the same time and the international famous lighting companies have good relations of cooperation. Mainly has: LED shoot the light, ball steep, floodlight, underwater light, buried lights, embedded lights, day flower lamp, table lamp and other kinds of aluminum shell LED

We always believe that quality is the enterprise survival foundation, the good faith is the root of the enterprise development. In the future, we will also be constantly in technology innovation and product optimization and equipment renewal on invested capital and human, let customers for our products and trust to our company satisfied, and strive to more and greater cooperation and common development,

As we explained before that we are die casting china supplier that offer sand casting, gravity casting, aluminum die casting, magnesium die casting, zinc die casting, high pressure die casting, low pressure die csating, not lmited this, if you are looking for gravity casting China or any other type of die casting supplier from China. Welcome to send us A letter or coming to negotiate business and technical guidance.

What is Die Casting

Die casting is the method used for forcing molten metal into mold cavities under high pressure. Die casting parts is very versatile and hence, is the widest used method for casting a metal. Die casting is same as permanent mold casting the only difference is that the metal is injected into the mould at very high pressure of 10-210 Mpa. This results in a more uniform part, usually good dimensional accuracy and also good surface finish.

The different metals and alloys that can be used in die casting are zinc, aluminum, copper, magnesium, tin and lead. Ferrous metals can also be used for die casting, die casting manufacturing process is generally used for applications in which a large quantity is medium or small sized parts are required with detail, good dimension and fine surface finish.

Aluminum Casting

Aluminum is amongst those metals which can be ‘cast’ by every process used in metal casting. These processes, in descending order of quantity of aluminum casting are: die casting, permanent mold casting, sand casting, plaster casting, investment casting, and continuous casting. The casting process is selected on the basis of factors such as cost, feasibility, quality, etc.

Feasibility is not a problem, as all the above methods are quite practicable. However, the most suitable casting method can be decided according to the design features or dimensions.  For instance-Large products are made using sand casting. The quality factor is also important in selecting the casting process.

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