Aluminium is type of metal that is being used extensively in various disciplines and industries. In any setting you cannot miss finding at least item made of aluminum. Despite being used to make various parts, aluminum is being used in the construction industry to fit glasses. Due to the high demand for aluminum, there are numerous companies that deal with aluminium die casting which involves pouring molten metal into molds with different patterns that resemble the shape of the final product part, An aluminum casting China company CNM tech is well known for its advance technology in for die casting, magnesium die casting and zinc die casting service.

Properties of aluminum

Aluminum is very light weight metal with low density, but its density does not affect the strength of the metal. However, the strength is inversely proportional to temperature, at high temperature, the strength decreased and at low temperature it increase. The metal is not magnetic unlike other metals like steel.

Method of aluminum casting

There are three commonly used methods of casting aluminum

1, die casting method

This method is commonly used in the mass production of aluminum casting parts and uses pressure to put the molten aluminium material into a die casting mold made of steel. The dies have different shape depending on the shape of final production which designed by the customers purpose.

2,sand casting method

This uses fine texture sane compacted in a pattern with the shape and large than the size of final product as it shrinks during cooling. The pattern has channels where the molten metal is poured and when the metal solidifies the sane is broken and removed leaving the aluminum part behind. This method is very economical and can be used for mass production of aluminum parts as the sane can be reused

2, Permanent mold casting method

This method uses other metals commonly steel to make die casting molds, it is suitable for massive production of aluminum casting that are similar thus require consistency. It highly recommended in making mechanical parts that are well known for durability.

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