Die Castings and Plastic Molds

CNM TECH is considered the tire mold industry’s quality leader — the most technologically advanced, independently owned mold company in the China

Though we are a 20 year old company, we operate like entrepreneurs. We focus on employing the most advanced equipment in the plastic mold and die casting mold industry and continuously making improvements through capital investments in order to stay ahead of our customers’ changing needs.

Die Castings are a key element in controlling the quality and cost of tire molds. When we opened King Castings, we further streamlined the entire mold production process. We succeeded in improving the quality of our die casting mold, producing them faster and lowering costs to our customers.

We are a full-service aluminum die casting, zinc die casting, and magnesium die casting facility, complete with the most modern equipment, an experienced and efficient workforce and well-orchestrated processes. Having a separate facility focused exclusively on the foundry process gives the King Machine organization complete control in meeting customer needs and deadlines.

CNM is the company tire companies turn to for experimental and expedited plastic molds and die casting parts. We manufacture molds from design to final product faster than anyone. Our customers have long depended on us to help them deliver their product to market sooner and we take great pride in making their needs materialize. We also challenge ourselves to reduce our manufacturing time from year to year.

Once we have completed the programming and machining of the tread models and poured the aluminum  die castings, we machine the segments into completed molds. The associated machining operations can be completed at either our Charlotte, NC or Akron, OH facilities. Our network of smaller, dedicated plants gives us the agility to meet crucial delivery deadlines. As in all areas of our companies business strategy, we have invested in the best available machinery to complete the job quickly and accuratelyDie casting parts

We know sidewall design is vital in marketing new tire designs. Further, those designs are becoming increasingly complex. CNM’s CAD-CAM programming and 5-axis, CNC letter engraving is fully capable of processing and producing the most intricate designs accurately and consistently in one setup.

CNM invests heavily in modern technology throughout our company. We employ powerful and current CAD/CAM software, 3-D design engineering, and 5-axis simultaneous processing and computer hardware.

The combination of appropriate software, hardware and technical expertise keeps us on the cutting-edge of plastic mold manufacturing and die casting manufacturing. Our reputation as a global leader in the implementation of technology and using it to succeed in producing the most complex molds designed is tested continuously.

CNM is a full-service on plastic mold and die csating mold repair as well, with the expertise to rework problems of all degrees. We have three plants, strategically located in tire production regions of the United States, to quickly respond to any and all repair needs. We understand that producing tires is your core business, and maintaining the quality and consistency of the molds and containers is our mission

Quality Policy Statement
CNM is committed to producing the highest quality products that conform 100% to our customers’ needs and specifications. We will continuously strive to improve our productivity, product quality, and timeliness of delivery. go to our die casting company website to know more information