Body parts is casting production is representative of the typical parts, although size there are many, but the structure form basic similar, only now will Φ 80 body using epc process introduced stated below.

(1) casting condition

Φ 80 body is urban water supply system of one of the parts, casting material for HT200, parts of shapes and sizes see chart XSMT – 28. The lost foam casting production, can be a molding, no parting surface and save core making process, and at the same time, dimensional accuracy and production efficiency is also improved.

(2) the manufacturability design and gating system design

Casting manufacturability design according to the cast iron a conventional process design consideration, shrinkage for 10 ‰; Machining allowance according to different position were selected for 4 ~ 8 mm; Casting pouring position should consider the body cavity filling in easy, specific see chart XSMT – 29.

According to table XSMB – 9 and the die-lost casting system design of the basic principles to open. Considering the production field of sand box size and quantity, using two combination pouring, and based on the design of gating system. Each casting set two gate, size is 25 x 10 mm, Σ F = 1000 within the best callus induction, Shared sprue gate size for Φ = 30 mm, F straight = 706 best callus induction, Σ F inside: F straight ≈ 1.42:1. Pouring system arrangement and casting group box see chart XSMT – 29.

(3), the coating, the modelling and vacuum

Coating selection table XSMB – 15 cast iron parts Ⅱ number and spray painted way.

According to the chart XSMT – 29 after combination the biggest dimensions 520 x 200 x 370 mm, that eat around sand amount not less than 80 mm case choose appropriate sand box (epc special sand box). Fixed good combination shape step by step after fill in quartz sand (each layer of sand filling quantity control in 100 ~ 120 mm range), especially the body cavity the corner can be appropriately use manual auxiliary firm. Finish after modelling can be vacuum, vacuum degree is 0.04 ~ 0.05 Mpa can be around.