FFP Face mask: an FFP2 or FFP3 face mask is used for preventing the spread of viruses, a face mask is a loose-fitting mask that covers both mouth and Nose. Their face mask comes with different brands and colors. A face mask is used mainly for the prevention of the spread of germs and viruses. Doing coughing, sneezing a lot of tiny drops virus drops and spread through the air.

 An FFP2 face mask should be worn anytime you free sneezing or illness, and it helps to prevent the spread when you are are around people. Using the face mask will help to prevent others from contracting any disease or viruses.

Wearing of face mask is essential in all healthcare sector, workplaces, grocery stores, pharmacies. This gathering involves large numbers of people, once they have to stay protected all day long. Also in working place, public transport, shops. Also, people of old age are advised to always put on a face mask with those with existing medical illness condition.

Different types of face mask; there is different types of face mask.

Surgical mask: this is respirators such as N95, FFP2 face mask, and FFP3 medical face mask. A surgical face mask is used mostly for personal protective equipment (PPE) it covers the mouth and Nose, which protect against all virus from coughing or sneezing droplets. Also, it’s advanceable to dispose of the face mask after use.

How to use the face mask

Make sure the masks are covering the Nose and mouth

Ability to capture bodily fluid leaving of the wearer

 Respirators: are tightening fitting masks, designed for facial seal

A Non- valved ventilator has two side protection, provide filtering In both inflow and outflow of the air

Specially designed for the protection of the wearer.

Ability to design in both half and full face


There is much reason for putting on a face mask, but the primary purpose is for protection.

Droplets: is one of the main reason for wearing a face mask is to prevent droplets, either from the sick people through coughing or sneezing—the respirator help in preventing fluids from entering through the face. Also

Aerosols: this is a particle which stays in the air after coughing or sneezing for a long time. A respirator mask helps to prevent the viruses from entering the body through the mouth or Nose.

 Mouth and Nose: using a respirator cover, it keeps us awake from transferring virus through our hand to Nose and mouth, due to covering of mouth and nose with a face mask.

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