High Pressure Die Casting

When it comes to High Pressure Die Casting, we’re considered experts!

Microscopically, all gray irons contain flake graphite dispersed in a silicon-iron matrix. How much graphite is present, the length of the flakes and how they are distributed in the matrix directly influence the properties of the iron. The basic strength and hardness of the iron is provided by the metallic matrix in which the graphite occurs.

The properties of the metallic matrix can range from those of a soft, low carbon steel to those of hardened, high carbon steel. The matrix can be entirely ferrite for maximum machinability but the iron will have reduced wear resistance and strength.

We are a die casting china company located in donggun, China, is dedicated to accuracy, reliability, and most of all, VALUE to our customers. Since 1987, we’ve worked hard to earn a reputation in the die casting industry where we’re known as the “get it done right the first time” company. We provide products that consistently exceed our customers’ expectations. All of our casting products are MADE IN THE USA, using only the best materials.

An entirely pearlitic matrix is characteristic of high strength gray irons, and many castings are produced with a matrix microstructure of both ferrite and pearlite to obtain intermediate hardness and strength. Alloy additions and/or heat treatment can be used to produce gray iron with very fine pearlite or with an acicular matrix structure. Graphite has little strength or hardness. It decreases these properties of the metallic matrix,however, the presence of the graphite provides several valuable characteristics to cast iron.

These include:

  • The ability to produce sound castings economically in complex shapes such as water cooled engine blocks
  • Good machinability even at wear resisting hardness levels and without burring
  • Dimensional stability under differential heating such as in brake drums and disks
  • High vibration damping as in power transmission cases
  • Borderline lubrication retention as in internal combustion engine cylinders

Out capacity


New tooling for high pressure die casting molding and coremaking in all processes
Repair of existing patterns gating and rigging.

Whether you require new die casting molds from your designs or just repair of existing tooling, we can provide this valuable service. We also provide modeling, rapid prototyping, first article, PPAP and Production Certifications.

Molding / Casting
green sand matchplate
green sand cope & drag
no bake
investment casting
permanent mold
die casting mold for aluminum die casting or zinc and magnesium( in high pressure die casting process )

We offer casting methods for most all processes to provide the best solutions to your casting requirement.


cold box
oil sand
no bake
hot box

Core processes for most current applications can be provided. We will use your existing tooling or, if required, provide new core boxes.

Machining & Assembly

CNC machining

Mid-Atlantic Casting Services will provide machining and light assembly services in order to supply you with a completed cast component, ready to stock or ship to your customer.

Painting & Powder Coating

protective finishes
decorative finishes

Mid-Atlantic Casting Services offers finishes of paint, powder coating, etc., to provide protection and “ready to assemble” conditions.

Heat Treating
per specification required

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When it comes to brass & bronze sand casting, we’re considered experts!

Understanding Copper-Base Alloys

The following is a list of physical and mechanical properties common to cast copper alloys. Although not every property is applicable to every alloy, this range, which occurs in unique combinations, isn’t found in any other alloy group:Brass Casting Example

good corrosion resistance, which contributes to its durability and long-term cost-effectiveness
favorable mechanical properties ranging from pure copper, which is soft and ductile, to manganese-bronze, which rivals the mechanical properties of quenched and tempered steel. In addition, almost all copper alloys retain their mechanical properties, including impact toughness, at low temperatures;
high thermal and electrical conductivity, which is greater than any metal except silver. Although the conductivity of copper drops when alloyed, copper alloys with low conductivity still conduct both heat and electricity better than other corrosion-resistant materials
bio-fouling resistance, as copper inhibits marine organism growth. Although this property (unique to copper) decreases upon alloying, it is retained at a useful level in many alloys, such as copper-nickel
low friction and wear rates, such as with the high-leaded tin-bronzes, which are cast into sleeve bearings and exhibit lower wear rates than steel
good castability, as all copper alloys can be sand cast and many can be centrifugal, continuous, permanent mold and die cast
good machinability, as the leaded copper alloys are free-cutting at high machining speeds, and many unleaded alloys such as nickel-aluminum bronze are readily machinable at recommended feeds and speeds with proper tooling
ease of post-casting processing, as good surface finish and high tolerance control is readily achieved. In addition, many cast copper alloys are polished to a high luster, and plating, soldering, brazing and welding also are routinely performed
large alloy choice, since several alloys may be suitable candidates for any given application depending upon design loads and corrosivity of the environment
comparable costs to other metals due to their high yield, low machining costs and little requirement for surface coatings such as paint

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